More than 300 years ago, in the twilight of the Arauco War, the Gutiérrez family began to write the history of this wine in the lands of the Inland Secano of Santa Lucía de Yumbel. It was in that exceptional vein of Trumao that the entire strength of the Côte de Rouge, Moscatel de Alejandría and Listán Prieto strains that had been brought from the old world was put to the test. This vines plantation was later registered, with Viña Nº 33 registered in Chile. The Gutiérrez family has trespassed for almost three centuries its rustic culture in the production of country wine, the oldest strain in Chile and which is still intact, without the intervention of polluting agrochemicals, without irrigation, with natural yeasts from the grapes. This tradition recovers all its meaning today. In honor of the Spanish lover of these lands and the oldest of the Gutierrez family is that these wines are produced; whom the locals called to honor him, Cacique Maravilla. Manuel Moraga Gutiérrez.